What is the Meaning of Locomotor Disability?

Many people feel confused about what is Locomotor Disability. We often come across this term but it doesn’t ring a bell. Today we are going to explain this term in simple language.

Locomotor Disability means restriction in the movement of the limbs (i.e. arms and legs).

Strictly speaking Locomotor Disability means problem in moving from one place to another — i.e. disability in legs. But, in general, it is taken as a disability related with bones, joints and muscles. It causes problems in person’s movements (like walking, picking or holding things in hand etc.)

The term Locomotor is derived from the Latin words loco – “from a place” and motivus – “causing motion”. So locomotion means movement from one place to another.

And thus locomotor disability hampers movement from one place to another.

Locomotor disability is also known as mobility disability. In Hindi language it could be understood as “chalne firne mein asamarthata” or “chalan-sambandhi viklangta” or “asthi viklangta“.

Examples and Causes of Locomotor Disability

A number of medical conditions cause temporary or permanent locomotor disability. The most well-known example is polio. We all have seen how polio forces people to walk with crutches and use wheelchair. This is because polio usually weakens limb muscles and as a result the affected person will not be able to make unrestricted use of her legs and arms. Other cause of locomotor disability are:

meaning and definition of disability

Evaluation of Locomotor Disability

Functional impairment is measured for the estimation of locomotor disability.

Impairment is defined as any loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or function in a human being.

Impairment may cause functional limitations which are partial or total inability to perform these activities necessary for motor, sensory or mental function with in the range or manner of which a human being is normally capable.

We hope that now you know what exactly is locomotor disability. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate in asking. Use the comments section for your feedback. Thank you for connecting with WeCapable!

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52 thoughts on “What is the Meaning of Locomotor Disability?”

  1. Me Name Sarita keyal is a locomotor disable i have a
    Cancession certificat issued by M R BHANGUR HOSPITAL
    under the rule no:-101,Seial No.25 1 want a photo I CARD
    To get the railway concession under handicap quata .

    1. you can apply from the same hospital for the railway concession certificate. they will give you a certificate for the concession. And then it will be submitted at your area railway DRM office for the online ticketing physically handicapped card. which will be used for the reservation online at IRCTC web site.
      Thank You

          1. sir,
            I am Rupinder singh From VPO. Bassi Gujjran, TEhsil Sri Chamkaur Sahib, District Ropar (Pb) India. I am 70% Disable person and I have a disability Certificate which issued by Civil Surgen, Rupnagar. I want to travel to Sri Patna Sahib (Bihar). Due to my Disability please give me concession to travel by Air to Sri Patna Sahib .I am very thankfull to you.

        1. Hello sir/ mam

          This is ganesh from bangalore im pwd person by poli attacked while 5 month baby
          i use wheel chair to mobile and 3 wheeler scooter outside, done 2nd puc,
          in sheshadripuram pre university ,and have 5 year work experience in bpo, recently
          completly EDP courses in RUDSET EDP TRAINING INSTITUTION , now im ready
          take a ahead step forward with self confidence in my life as as new entrepreneur , with a good
          budiness plan , im not much financially strong now and i too have fair cibil score with 755 , please help with the loan amount,
          i need guide how to apply loan or where i can come and meet, with proper documents in office
          i come with my project report, please help me sir
          regard- GANESH K

    2. I am suffering from osteomyelitis of femur bone since from last 20 yrs will I get the disability certificate

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have no ACL in my knee. I had operated it in 2012 but it broke again and on MRI we realized that I dont have an ACL. Even if i get it operated it would still be a very difficult situation for me. Can this be called as a locomotor disability.

  3. I am suffering from Parkinson disease for the last 12 years and find great difficulty in moving around and performing my daily work. I am dependent on helper/ family members.Does this condition falls under the category of Loco Motor Disability?If so, am I eligible for tax rebate u/s 80U?

  4. Hi Sir,
    My brother in-law is suffering from Muscular dystrophy from past 5 years and he is not able to walk or climb with out help,can we get
    loco motor disable Concession certificate for him.Please suggest

  5. Hi, I have six finger in my left hand and both the legs. my extra finger is completely dependence on last due to attached bones, do I qualify for locomotor disability? need a opinion.

  6. My son, age 27yrs, met with an accident & have a nerve impairment on his right foot as a result of which he has a condition called foot drop and has to wear a leg support to walk. According to the doctor it is a permanent nerve damage as he has a severed nerve. My query is that are accidental handicaps considered as handicaps? Can he be eligible for UDID card?

    1. Yes, disabilities caused due to accidents are also considered for a disability certificate / UDID Card. You should see a doctor in a nearby government hospital to know the process of disability evaluation.

  7. Hello Sir,
    I want to know that I am physically handicapped with 53%.
    In an accident my right leg knee got permanently damaged, and i’m unable to bend my knee.
    So, my question is, whether this type of disability covered in locomotor disability?

  8. Do mentally challenged / dis-able persons get concession in Air tickets? How do we apply?

  9. hi , i had brain stroke in dec 2013 , applied udid card in april 2019 online , now what to do in mumbai , pls suggest


  11. My jagdish kamboj, age 45yrs, met with an accident & have a nerve impairment on his right foot as a result of which he has a condition called foot drop and has to wear a leg support to walk. According to the doctor it is a permanent nerve damage as he has a severed nerve. My query is that are accidental handicaps considered as handicaps? Can he be eligible for UDID card?

  12. Respected Sir,I am physically handicapped person my right leg is amputated below knew and using artificial leg may i entitled for concession in air india.

    1. I applied for UDID Card in the month of September 2020 but for last one month the status of the application is showing verified.
      Therefore I would like to request you to let me know what to do to procure my card.

      With Regards
      Jagadish Deka

  13. Sir i am handicapped person my right leg is amputed below knee and using artificial leg in this position i am entitled for concession in air india.

  14. 80+aged man…. recently suffered cerebral ischemic stroke…complete movement is restricted due to constant trembling/shaking both hands, consequently unable to carry any object and walk up or down staircase without assistance.my query is under which category disability will be classified.

  15. i have femur fracture long back with internal fixation it caused to muscle weakness,it will comes under loco motor disability.

    1. Sir I have 40% locomater disibility I have not any job but I try Indian army 5times I unfit medical because my left foot fingers join …
      I am very up said in my life
      Plz help me

  16. Sir
    My right leg is NOT ABLE to bend beyond 90 degree voluntarily, it locks at 90 degree. I am ABLE to walk and run moderately. but while sprinting it can be seen that my right leg is being dragged behind so i cant reach my full potential speed. doctors advised not to have a surgery since surgery gives no guarantee of its post op recovery of strength and stability. so i cant join indian army or apply for any other physical movement oriented job.
    Am i eligible for obtaining disability certificate for loco-motor disability so that i can apply for other goverment jobs.

  17. Hello sir ,
    I suffered from venous thrombosis in right fronto parital lobe due to which my left hand got affected but after medication my blot clot in right half of brain got cured i think but my hand isn’t working as it was earlier i feel sometime numbness in hand sometimes there is also pain in it too, i took medication for 4 year but i have to cut it due to financial problems
    is it locomotor disability
    i cant do much work with m left hand please reply

    i am looking forward to your reply

  18. My brother got injured in an accident and he lost his left hand below knee level. Amputation was carried out 1-2″ above wrist level. Is he eligible for disability certificate?

    1. My brother got injured in an accident and he lost his left hand below elbow level. Amputation was carried out 1-2″ above wrist level. Is he eligible for disability certificate?

    1. rheumatic heart disease patient with replaced mitral valve candidates are eligible to apply disability certificate?


    My husband is hemiplegia patient he got brain stroke in 2016, due to this his both sides got paralized. After brain angioplasty his ryt side started to work, but left side there is no movement in hand as well as leg even after physiotherapy. His neurologist told it is non progressive. he can only move in the house with d support of wall. i want to apply for handicapped certificate and also for handicapped stall. kindly guide me.

  20. Sir i am a locomotor disabled lady. I have a PH certificate issued by CMO patna in 2000.This year I applied for UDID card. When I tracked its status I found that it as not certified. Reason given there that the validity of certificate is only 10 years. But it is not written any where in my certificate. Please tell me the process of renewing the certificate and getting UDID CARD.

  21. I studied for my HS level exam in NIOS nearly three-four years ago where my counsellor provided a disability certificate for me which stated that I had locomotor disability, then can you tell people what I am allowed to do and what I am restricted from doing as a result of that

  22. Hello Sir, I met with an accident & have a nerve impairment in my left lower leg and foot. As a result I have foot drop and has to wear a leg support to walk. I am also certified from Civil Surgeon. I want to apply for job. So i just want to know that under which category should i apply for ? Because disability category is not mentioned over there on my PwD Cerificate.


  24. Sunil Kumar Pandey


    My right hand is permanently effected with polio and I Can’t do the work from it. before 20 years, District hospital issued me a certificate with 75% disability.

    In present situation, in which category of disability will apply on me and can I Use the benefits of Pwd


    Sunil Kumar Pandey

  25. I’ve got walking problems due to spina bifida and diastematomyelia. Will I get the disability certificate and what would be its percentage?

    1. Yes, you can get disability certificate. Percentage will depend on your assessment by the medical board.

  26. Hi sir, my one of the leg is 5cm smaller than the other and it has also 4finger. Due to this i have walking problem and also back pain, i could not walk properly. Am i eligible for pwd certificate?
    What category does i am from?
    What are approximately % will i get?

  27. I don’t have 3rd toe in my left leg. Can I get Handicapped Certificate? Please tell me.

  28. My cousin lost half of his hand in an accident. Will he be able to get 40% disability certificate?

  29. Can i apply for disability certificate, in case of disability due to Congenital issues.. like Ehler Danlos Syndrome which affects the fingers, knee etc. Collagen issues and subsequent ligament tear, loose joints which dislocate frequently.. Ligament reconstruction done already but its still its unstable due to underlying collagen issue

  30. Dipesh Ranjan Kar

    Paraparesis is covered under which form of Disability under Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2016? Will a Disability Certificate issued from a State Government Hospital to an adult son of a deceased Railway employee be considered for extending Family Pension? Reply requested.

  31. Would clubfoot, a congenital defect, come under the purview of locomotor disability?
    Kindly guide.


  32. I’m a locomotor disable person with 80% disability. I want to go from one place to another using a flight. Do I get concession for my escort in flight.

  33. Sir I met with an accident in which my TIBIA and FIBULA both got broken and are fixed through internal fixation (plates).
    And now I can walk but not so fast that I can cross any road and my ankle also not moves properly like in turning and moving.
    So I just want to know is this comes under locomotor disability or not .

  34. Hello guys, this is Hrishabh Kumar I am a Locomotor disable but the thing is I don’t know that which category in Locomotor I will fall under(means don’t have clue that whether i am affected one arm or both arm or one leg,or both leg,or one arm and leg). But there is remark in my handicapped certificate given by CMO that”Multiple osteochondrama in multiple joints” and i don’t even know that what does that mean. If anyone have any idea about this then its a request do let me know, I shall be obliged for this.
    Thank you

    1. I think you’re the best judge of your situation. If you think you have functional issues in both arms belong to the BA category, and likewise. Although doctor should have been more specific, apparently it is too much to ask from them. So, you should rely on your judgement. Doctor’s general observation of “multiple joints” can be applied any number of joint.


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